The Intersection That Is the Heart

Join this unique opportunity to be deeply inspired from Christlins sharing. This in a very spacious and peaceful venue in a beautiful surrounding.

Welcome to a time to reflect upon our paths, our experiences, and challenges, a time of sharing. In each human being there is a meeting with the divine. That intersection is the HEART.

This is an invitation to live in your heart – an invitation to explore your life because every outward thing one does is inner work.

Some of the themes that will guide us through this retreat:

Compassion as an aspiration and approach to daily life, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Radical Self-acceptance, and Surrender

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Detaljer om arrangement
Dato(er) 27. oktober 2017 til 29. oktober 2017
Type Kurser
Sted Frötuna Gård
Kontaktperson Kontakt kursusudbyder