A Culture of Peace on earth starts in the school, and behind every action is an unfulfilled need.

Free films about NVC in schools

In collaboration with Filmkompagniet Kirsten Kristensen, chairman of the association LIVKOM, have made 5 short films about how to facilitate a Culture of Peace in the school, by engaging Nonviolent Communication, NVC. The films are made available for everybody who is interested in teaching NVC.

In the films, the teacher uses flashcards with feelings and needs in order to help the children understand their own needs and feelings as well as needs and feelings of others. Film about conflict management in schools

You can download the materials and watch the films for FREE with subtitles in multiple languages. LIVKOM greatly appreciate your feedback if you choose to do so.

Find the films about NVC in the school here:

Danish English German Chinese
Nepali Dutch
(coming soon)
(coming soon)
Spanish (coming soon)




Free film about Reconciliation work with NVC 

A few years ago LIVKOM Chairman Kirsten Kristensen together with 4 NVC colleagues offered “Healing and Reconciliation through Nonviolent Communication” in Nepal. Watch the documentary “Raamro Aakha Ma (In the Eyes of the Good)” about the NVC training project and its results. See how people move from wanting punishment to wanting to listen and understand.
For more languages see www.kirstenkristensen.com/reconciliation-in-nepal

Kirsten Kristensen is happy to talk about NVC in Schools as well as about her work in Nepal, she can be contacted by email Kirsten@livkom.dk or phone +45 4035 0955, read more at kirstenkristensen.com