Children learn more when they have fun, feel safe and trust that mistakes are welcome.

This workshop is for anyone involved in education or interested in the development of children.
We offer an opportunity to develop your skills in communication and learn how to contribute to a Culture of Peace in your classroom through your own presence.

When and where

Friday 25th & Saturday 26th August 2017 from 9:15 am – 4:30 pm in Rotterdam (Djoj).


Kirsten Kristensen, co-trainers: Dionne Verbeet en Eva Maria Schneijderberg

The purpose of this workshop

To give teachers the skills needed in order to contribute to children growing up with other options than submission and rebellion: the skills to create dialog that leads to both parties needs being met.
We will work towards a balance between guiding students, and encouraging autonomy and inner motivation in student.
• We sometimes give too little guidance to young ones, and thereby let them down.
• We sometimes give too much guidance to young ones, and thereby get in the way of them learning from inner motivation and developing self-responsibility.

Read more here – Printable flyer in English

Read more – in Dutch

Practical information

Spoken language is English. Exercises can be done in Dutch. Occasional translation is possible f.e. if you feel more comfortable in raising your question in Dutch.

Investment: €275 for individuals, €375 for independent professionals, €500 for schools (no VAT charged and including all materials, coffee/tea and lunch).

Organizer: Learn more about the organizer, Ai-opener, here.

For further information or to subscribe you can call +31-10-4650068 or send an e-mail to Ingrid Bouland at

Recommended preparation: Please watch the 5 films “Culture of Peace in School with NVC”. Find it here.

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Detaljer om arrangement
Dato(er) 25. august 2017 til 26. august 2017
Type Kurser
Sted Centrum Djoj Rotterdam
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