Human Harmonizers

1st to 4th batch HH students

Vi har modtaget nedenstående appel om at støtte “The Human Harmonizer Program” i Indien. Kirsten Kristensen fra LivKom kender personligt både Bijay Singh og Param K. Singh, der indgår i det indiske team.

Background of the project
Solidarity For Developing Communities (SFDC) has been working for the development of marginalized communities since 1993. Its main focus is the sustainable development of the Adivasi, Dalit and Other Backward Communities.

As education is the only means which can show the path of establishing sustainable Peace and Development, this organization provides higher education to poor and bright students who belong to these communities, and come from 4 Southern districts of Orissa (i.e. Gajapati, Kandhamal, Rayagada and Ganjam).

SFDC aims to develop “Human Harmonizers” – The students are taken care of so that they can grow and stand out physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally. Thanks to their education, they will have a strong impact in their own community, attract others through their approach, behavior, skills, professionalism, and be of inspiration to others.

They will be social change agents imbibed with a spirit of KarunaShanti (Compassionate Peace), and of Nonviolent Communication.

The objectives are as follows

  • To provide higher education in science and professional degrees to 120 Human Harmonizers in a residential setting within the next 3 years.
  • To develop skills so that they can overcome inferiority complexes, oppression and downtrodden situations.
  • To offer personality development trainings oriented towards serving their own communities after completing their studies.
  • To accomplish several NVC trainings every year and participate in NVC practice groups.
  • To provide permanent residential facilities for the students, constructing dormitories for the girls and the boys.
  • To provide Solidarity Support for family development to 120 families of the students.
  • To train all the staff of SFDC and the HH College, create NVC practice groups for them and offer trainings with tools of Governance such as Sociocracy.
  • To continue this program further, by creating a new organization will be established under the name Human Harmonizer Trust.

Through this program SFDC intends to take care of each and every student, both girls and boys, to grow as flowers with fragrances.

Although challenging, the program aims to foster mutual education and to develop attitudes that are coherent with its core values.

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