CNV Day with Kirsten Kristensen

3 day training in Brasilia

October 4th to 6th


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Nonviolent Communication Applied to Education:

Paths to Building a Culture of Peace


Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the skill set that fosters connection and creativity.


This training is for all persons involved or interested in the education and development of children and youth.


The purpose of this training is to provide skills needed to offer developing children and young people a choice other than submission or rebellion: the choice to build dialogues that enable the needs of all parties to be recognized and met.

Sometimes we give little guidance to young people and end up disappointing them;

At others, we offer a lot of guidance and thus interfere with your learning path, which comes from your internal motivations and strengthens self-responsibility.


In this training, we will walk the path toward balancing guide and guide, and encourage autonomy, self-responsibility, and access to their inner and therefore authentic motivations.


It will be an opportunity to develop your communication skills and become a peacebuilding agent through your presence in educational settings.


Our dream is that students will feel safe and accepted during their developmental years, and will leave school with clear motivation, connected with the natural joy of learning and feeling competent to follow their path of growth and contribution.


Note: The concepts covered in training are equally applicable to education processes for all ages.



Kirsten will have as focal points:


  1. Gain clarity of our vision and dream to work with students, and develop practical steps in that direction;


2. Skills to enrich cooperation between people involved in education, based on values ​​that honor human needs, such as mutual respect, empathy, equity and inclusion;


3. These skills for dealing with anger and conflict will be introduced so that participants can model and inspire children to connect in challenging situations;


4. CNV’s main applications in a balanced dialogue, where the focus is on creating the connection that allows everyone’s needs to be recognized met;


5. Bridge our aspirations with day-to-day challenges by practicing how to be tactical at the time of challenge, and becoming strategic in how we work toward long-term goals.


6. Participants will have the opportunity to work on their own examples and learn how to contribute to dialogue-based development and cooperation;


7. Exploring daily practices that support us in finding inner peace and expanding the ability to care for the welfare of others while focusing on the learning goal;


8. Practice inclusion in all dialogues to educate on democratic values, preparing for full participation in society.

Detaljer om arrangement
Dato(er) 04. October 2019 til 06. October 2019
Type Kurser
Kontaktperson Kirsten Kristensen