Now scheduled for April 26th-28th 2019 in London, UK.
Venue TBC shortly! Please get in touch if you are interested in joining us

In order to live the life that wants to live through us and contribute towards conscious sharing of resources and engage with respect and kinship towards every being, we need to learn to live together in appreciation of our differences.

This requires us to liberate ourselves from any idea that we, or others, are small or unworthy, so that we can connect with the people we perceive to have more or much less power than us. And it requires that we allow ourselves to dream beautiful dreams and walk towards them.

  • How do I show up in a group or in my community with power and accountability – giving and receiving feedback – managing conflict
  • How do I inspire change without creating polarization?
  • How do I stay grounded enough to be present and willing to connect during difficult interactions?
  • How do I create positive and life-enriching impact in my immediate communities?
  • How do I allow myself to dream beautiful dreams?


The purpose of this workshop is to “Fully be me in the we” and allow others to fully be themselves, whilst we live and work together in the service of our shared planet.


Together we will explore the topic of appreciating our polarity without creating polarization, and reach more clarity on what and how we nurture appreciation for self and others. We will identify the skills needed to live in this way and we will practice these skills – both in plenary, in small groups and individually.
We will work with both the internal, interpersonal and systemic aspect of walking towards our beautiful dream.

Topics that may be included

  • Giving and receiving challenging messages/feedback
  • Win-win as a shift and not a compromise
  • Moving from domination to partnership in our relations
  • Collaborative change making – we can do more together, and together we can do things that none of us can do alone.
  • Understanding the implications of our interdependence
  • Personal accountability to the we
  • Transforming enemy images and create a culture of peace instead of a culture of war
  • Finding our power and using it well

When and where

Kirsten Kristensen26-28 April 2019 in London, UK (venue TBC).
Trainer: Kirsten Kristensen from Denmark

This training is designed for people who have already experienced NVC by attending a workshop and practicing NVC in daily life or similar.

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Dato(er) 26. April 2019 til 28. April 2019
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