CNVC-certificeret træner Kelly Bryson fortæller her om at tage ansvar for sin indre oplevelse og vælge hvordan man vil reagere.

Description from youtube:

The O’ahu NVC Community presents Kelly Bryson, a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in an introductory video on NVC. Consider the amazing possibility of taking charge of our inner experience. In responding to an event , we can respond in one of four ways. Most of us are familiar with the first two: we can blame ourselves and get depressed or we can blame others and experience anger. NVC introduces two more ways to respond to an event: we can empathize with ourselves, that is connect with our own feelings and needs, or we can empathize with others and connect with another’s feelings and needs. In NVC, these four ways of responding are playfully symbolized by Jackal ears in, Jackal ears out, Giraffe ears in, and Giraffe ears out.