7-day international NVC training – support healing in Nepal and witness at first hand an NVC healing event

As you probably know, Nepal was struck by several strong earthquakes last spring. This training will be part of ZFD/GIZ’s earthquake response. The focus will be on healing and helping others heal through Nonviolent Communication.

Trainers: Shantigarbha, Kirsten KristensenHema Pokharna, PhD, Stefan Gebert & Sabine Geiger

Time & Date: Jan 31 to Feb 7 2016

Place: Buddha Maya Gardens Hotel, South Lumbini Block, Madhuwani VDC ward No. 6, Lumbini, Nepal

According to NVC, healing and mourning are human needs. Healing and mourning need space to occur. To provide this space, and to continue building local NVC capacity, Pro Public proposes to organize an international NVC training bringing together Nepalese practitioners with potential to become NVC trainers and local peacemakers from the earthquake-affected communities, to equip them with skills to support healing in and between others in their own families, communities, and constituencies.

Pro Public will invite 35 participants from the Nepalese NVC network, 35 participants (mediators, local justice providers, psychosocial counselors, Local Peace Committee members) from earthquake-affected districts, and 20 international participants, for a 7-day international NVC training.

We have twenty seats available for international participants who want to support healing in Nepal and witness at first hand an NVC healing event.

For more information, go to seedofpeace.org

For inspiration, watch the documentary “Raamro Aakha Ma (In the Eyes of the Good)” about the workshop from last year “Healing and Reconciliation with NVC in Nepal”.

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Dato(er) 31. januar 2016 til 07. februar 2016
Type Workshop
Sted Buddha Maya Gardens Hotel - Lumbini Hotel
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